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There are two main definitions for Queer. Firstly, it is often used as an umbrella term for sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions which do not fit into the heterosexual gender binary ‘norm’ (e.g. LGBT persons etc.). Secondly, it is sometimes also used instead of the term bi-sexual to draw attention to the fact that there are more than two genders to be attracted to, or as a way of stating a non-heterosexual orientation without having to specify who one is attracted to.

See also: LGBTQI


The term ‘Questioning’ has had a bit of a complicated history. Initially, the term has had a lot of negative connotation because it seen as enforcing the negative stereotype that non-heteronormative sexualities are ‘just a phase’, as well as more harmful movements that promote ‘gay cures’. However, the Questioning label is becoming increasingly popular again as it recognizes that sexuality is for many people very fluid.

See also: Attraction, LGBTQISexuality, Sexual Orientation

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