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Amber van Muijden



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Feb 2016




In hindsight, SRHR has always been an important topic for me, but it wasn’t until 2011, when I had the opportunity to discuss family planning with a group of young women in rural Kenya, that I was exposed to the real-life impact of these issues. During the discussion many of the girls complained that as women they were unable to go into shops and buy condoms, and were therefore wholly dependent on their boyfriends to ensure that they could practice safe sex. Additionally, most of the girls told me that they avoided unwanted pregnancies by having intercourse on so-called “safe days”, as a local nurse had informed them that women who have not yet had children can become infertile if they take birth control pills. I left this talk feeling deeply upset at the level of gender inequality when it came to taking control over one’s sexuality and reproductive health, as well as the limited amount of reliable information these girls had available to them and the resulting consequences that these factors undoubtedly had on their lives. For this reason, and many others, I am now a passionate advocate for the SRHRs of people worldwide.

I am a passionate advocate for the SRHR of people worldwide.

-Amber van Muijden

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