Member of IAC

Daniel van Wyngaarden



With CHOICE since:

Mar 2016


Member of IAC


CHOICE helps me express my deepest values, those of justice, equality and freedom. I feel so proud to be a part of CHOICE. I think fighting for what is right is not just something I do, but something that is a fundamental part of who I am. I made the choice to raise my voice, and feel privileged that I had that option. Many others however, do not have this privilege, and I hope to also represent their voices. The thing I like most about working at this organization is the fact that I keep in touch with so many amazing people. Ever since my first day, I felt as if I recognized my fellow youth advocates somehow. What I know now, is that what I recognized were my own values and beliefs, which reflected right back at me.
CHOICE made me realize what I am deeply passionate about: helping others and making a change.

I made the choice to raise my voice.

-Daniel van Wyngaarden

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