Advocacy Officer

Lewis Emmerton



With CHOICE since:

Aug 2016




For me it’s pretty obvious; Sexual rights are Human rights, and Human rights are universal; however for many young people across the world; these fundamental rights and freedoms are often ignored, controlled or denied, and this has to change!
That is why I am incredibly excited to be part of such a passionate, committed team at CHOICE that are leading efforts to bring about change; campaigning for the rights of young people everywhere. Together with inspiring youth advocates, I will continue to make noise, demand change and shake up the structures which have for far too long excluded the rights and ignored the realties on young people’s sexuality and sexual health. We’ve got some way to go; but we’re not giving up that easily; we’re pretty determined at CHOICE, and alongside our partners and advocates from the youth movement we’ll bring about the change that young people want to see in the world!

I will continue to make noise, demand change and shake up the structures.

-Lewis Emmerton

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