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Max Bloem



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Mar 2016


Member of CCC


Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers, the ones that are their own choices! CHOICE is a group of young and ambitious people who not only want to bring change to young individuals but reveal the greatest version of themselves. By engaging in conversation and discussion with people who think differently, sharing knowledge and experience and empowering youth CHOICE seeks to make this world a place where young people can enjoy and express their sexuality, be able to raise their voice and have access to information on SRHR and healthcare. Growing up in the Netherlands I was able to do all this, but not everyone is this privileged. Being part of CHOICE for me is actively participate in making a change, about learning and educating and empowering others, about being a rainbow in someone’s cloud. All with one purpose: freedom of choice!

Being part of CHOICE is about being a rainbow in somenone’s cloud.

-Max Bloem

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