Program Coordinator

Nathalie Metheuver



With CHOICE since:

Jul 2016




While growing up, I never experienced any restrictions on my freedom to decide about my own sexual and reproductive health or to exercise my rights. For me this was self-evident, until I met people during my travels that were not able to make their own decisions about SRHR-related issues. Their lack of CHOICE made me value my freedom and I want to contribute to improve SRHR worldwide. Moreover, I very much believe in youth agency and youth’s ability to contribute creatively to solving social problems. Unfortunately, youths are often rather seen as troublemakers instead of agents of change. As a youth organisation run by youth and mainly consisting of youth volunteers, CHOICE shows that youth is socially concerned and that youth’s voice counts. I feel honoured to be able to work with and learn from other youth activists in the Netherlands and in the South.

Their lack of CHOICE made me value my freedom.

-Nathalie Metheuver

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