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Timo Bravo Rebolledo



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Feb 2013


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When confronted with otherness, be it in clothing, hair style, religion or sexual orientation, people tend to fall back on norms and values of the community at a whole. But what are the norms and values, why is there a deviation between accepted and rejected behavior? Understanding and projecting perceived norms about otherness, such as for instance bi-/homosexuality, persons affected by HIV/AIDS or persons attracted to other sexual orientations within a community can help to explain what and why people think the way they do. By providing information and explanations about a variety of subjects we can try to broaden the norms of acceptance which include everybody as equal, respectful and loving members of the community with each of us as an unique valued member.

We can try to broaden the norms of acceptance.

-Timo Bravo Rebolledo

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