CHOICE Connects: Meet our partners #3

This week, CHOICE is hosting its annual connectorweek! Several of our partners are visiting us during this week to connect with each other, discuss strategy and strengthen eachothers capacity. Every day during the connectorweek we’ll introduce you to a couple of our visiting partners. Today, we’re introducing you to GAL and C- YECE.



“Young people are creative, resilient and change agents.” – GAL

Generation Alive (GAL) is a movement of young feminists from Zambia. The organisation is a group of young women mainly focusing on creating a collective voice and strengthen the power and influence of female youth. They hope to build an environment in which young women can meaningfully participate at all levels of decision making. 

In order to achieve that environment, GAL aims to create a collective voice and power for young women all over Zambia. Aside from advocacy work, GAL gives legal advice and leadership – and capacity building trainings to young women.




“If every child is able to be happy, to feel protected – than we have achieved what we want” – C-YECE

Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (C- YECE) was established in 1997 with the aim of addressing socio-economic development issues affecting children and adolescents in Malawi. Today the organisation particularly promotes youth empowerment, children’s rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights through a program of capacity building, youth advocacy and community mobilization.






Everyday during Connectorweek we’ll introduce you to our partners. Read more about our other partners the YP Foundation, ARI and NAYA and TaYA and Coalizão. For more on Connectorweek, read our blog on Connectorweek 2017 or check out our Twitter