CHOICE Connects: Meet our partners #1

This week, CHOICE is hosting its annual connectorweek! Several of our partners are visiting us during this week to connect with each other, discuss strategy and strengthen eachothers capacity. Every day during the connectorweek we’ll introduce you to a couple of our visiting partners. Today, we’re introducing you to the YP Foundation, ARI and NAYA.


YP Foundation
“We see ourselves in between a development organization and an activist organization” – The YP Foundation

The YP Foundation (TYPF) from India was established in 2002 as a meeting space for young people to discuss their social justice issues in a safe and open space.

The YP Foundation focuses on a feminist, intersectional approach that is research based. To them, it is essential to recognize that young people are diverse and suffer differently from different power dynamics in Indian society. The YP Foundation tries to work with young people of both genders and tries to encourage them to engage in activist spaces.

A feminist approach is to the YP Foundation not just placing women on the forefront, but critically examining the materials they work with: do they reproduce patriarchal and heteronormative stereotype? Do they confine gender to a binary? If so, these materials need to be changed, according to TYPF. With this the YP Foundation hopes to look at sexuality “not just from a marriage or motherhood perspective, but to challenge the heteronormative patriarchal system that confines sexuality”.




“Find out what young people are proud of, and enable them to share it” – ARI

Alliansi Remaja Independen (ARI) is engaged in youth advocacy in Indonesia on the issues of sexual and reproductive health and education. They aim to create a society in which young people are empowered, equal, independent, responsible, able to fulfill their rights and participate actively in all aspects of development.

Of our partners, ARI works with some of the youngest advocates: with ages ranging from 10-24 years old. Together, they work on SRHR, youth employment, engagement and youth friendly services. Armed with a lot humor, youth friendliness is at the core of their organization’s identity. This aim is also reflected in the way they approach their work. When implementing and teaching research findings, to ARI it is key that youth advocates understand what they are told and are not overwhelmed with information.



“In order to achieve what we want, we’ll speak to whoever is necessary. If we need to engage with the wife of the governor, we’ll engage with the wife of the governor” – NAYA


Network for Adolescents and Youth of Africa (NAYA) from Kenya envisions a society in which sexual and reproductive health issues are recognized and respected. This youth-led advocacy organisation works together with policy makers, community leaders, parents and young people to improve the quality and accessibility of sexual and reproductive health information and services.

Among other tactics, NAYA uses budget advocacy to track the way the Kenyan government allocates funds in the (sexual and reproductive) health sector. They also engage in a more regional approach influencing county specific bills and legislation.






Everyday during Connectorweek we’ll introduce you to our partners. For more on Connectorweek, read our blog on Connectorweek 2017 or check out our Twitter