CHOICE Connects: Meet our partners #4

This week, CHOICE is hosting its annual connectorweek! Several of our partners are visiting us this week to connect with each other, discuss strategy and strengthen eachothers capacity. Every day during the connectorweek we’ll introduce you to a couple of our visiting partners. Today, we’re introducing you to our newest partner organization: Queer Alliance Nigeria. 

“We want people to know that it is okay to love whoever you want” – Queer Alliance Nigeria

Queer Alliance Nigeria (QA) supports LGBTI’s in Nigeria with regards to health advocacy and human rights. This is not an easy task, because in Nigeria the rights of LGBTI people are very few: LGBTI people are not protected from discrimination and violence against LGBTI’s is frequent. In the Muslim northern part of Nigeria the punishment for same-sex sexual activity is death by stoning and in the Christian Nigerian south the punishment can run up to 14 years of imprisonment.

Queer Alliance Nigeria wants to create a safe environment in which the fundamental human rights of LGBTI’s are recognized and respected. They believe in diversity, participation and dialogue in order to create a better understanding of the rights and needs of the LGBTI people, on community level as well as on a national level. A large part of the work Queer Alliance Nigeria does is offering a support system: they connect LGBTI people with each other so they can share their experiences and offer each other advice and a listening ear. In doing this they want LGBTI people to know that they are not alone.

Queer Alliance works on building entrepreneurship and leadership among young LGBTI people. They do this by offering trainings, internships and workshops. Queer Alliance also runs their own social enterprise, a salon, in order to sustain the organization.

On advocacy level, the organisation works towards better representation, recognition, protection and – most importantly – inclusion of LGBTI’s human rights. Education and research, the two other main areas in which the Queer Alliance Nigeria works, are ways to encourage a more tolerant society. They are dedicated to conducting evidence-based research that can help them in their struggle for the liberation of LBGTI people in Nigeria. This is why we are very happy that CHOICE and Queer Alliance work together in the Rights, Evidence, Action program!

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