Meaningful Youth Participation is a human right that enables young people to have a say in matters that affect their lives.

To understand Meaningful Youth Participation, CHOICE developed the Flower of Participation.

meaningful youth participation manual

Young people have the fundamental right to meaningfully participate in decision-making processes when it comes to programs or policies that affect their lives. Meaningful participation should take place in all stages of decision-making: during development, implementation and evaluation. No matter if the program/policy is big or small, young people should be included.

Young people not only have the right to participate, there’s also an advantage of their involvement: if the voice of young people is heard, programs and policies can become more effective and can be adapted to the actual needs of young people. Most programs that are developed for young people are not developed by young people. This limits the effectiveness of the program.

To help solve this issue CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality has developed the Flower of Participation! The Flower of Participation is a tool that uses the metaphor of a bloom- ing flower to describe the different forms of youth participation and how it can grow and flourish in meaningful ways.

Want to learn how to use the flower and to integrate Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP) into your organization & program? Download our MYP Manual.

Flower of Participation

Flower of Participation

and srhr

The Youth Guide is a resource for young people interested in developing sustainable organizational structures. The overall theme is: “Youth-led organizations and SRHR: a step by step guide to creating sustainable youth-led organizations working on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”.

The Youth Guide draws on the experiences of two independent youth-led SRHR organizations, CHOICE and the Youth Coalition, and provides a flexible blueprint for creating youth-led organizations.

The Guide covers:

  • Strategic planning
  • Governance structures
  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Making an impact with organizational activities
  • Decision-making models
  • Best practices
  • Lessons learned

The Youth Guide has been developed with youth SRHR organizations in mind, but is a useful tool for anyone interested in developing sustainable organizations, including individuals, youth groups and networks.

Read our Youth Guide!


The Essential Packages Manual is a comprehensive guide for succesful SRHR programs for young people. It is a starting point for managers, program officers, monitoring and evaluation staff and others to critically review their programs against proven standards of good practice, to identify gaps and areas where they could improve to better serve young people, and to learn more about a holistic approach to programming that places young people at the center. This manual is published as part of the Get Up Speak Out program which CHOICE is part of.

youth leadership: recommendations for sustainability

This document provides insights into the unique challenges that youth-led organizations face, followed by concrete recommendations on how all relevant stakeholders can best support and facilitate youth leadership.

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