Youth leadership program

our goal

With our Youth Leadership Program, we support youth-led organizations and youth-leaders worldwide, with a focus on Africa and Asia, to engage successfully in advocacy at the community, local and national level and to become sustainable youth-led organizations. We provide our partners with:

  • Financial support (grants);
  • Capacity building and technical assistance on advocacy and advocacy skills;
  • Provide tools to promote Meaningful Youth Participation (MYP);
  • Organizational and financial management support;
  • Share SRHR knowledge;
  • Support fundraising opportunities;
  • Networks and connections to a wider youth movement.

We also provide our youth-led partners with opportunities to advocate at the international level via CHOICE’s international advocacy program. This way the local and national experiences from our partners are amplified at international processes and can our partners hold their national governments accountable for international agreements they made.

The Youth Leadership Program does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Every partner has different strengths and weaknesses. We assess the needs of each partner in order to jointly develop a capacity building plan most suited to them.  We aim to partner with youth-led organizations with diverse levels in terms of capacity – ranging from starting youth groups with a lot of learning potential to capacitated and established youth-led organizations that we can support in the implementation of successful advocacy campaigns.

Since the start of the Youth Leadership Program, we have worked together with a wide variety of youth-led organizations. Our current partners are located in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Uganda, India and Indonesia. We work with all our partners on an equal basis: we learn from our partners as much as they learn from us.

To ensure that young people can participate in decision-making processes, CHOICE also builds the capacities of adult-led organizations to work with young people in a meaningful way.

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our programs

Our Youth Leadership Program is currently implemented through four different programs: Get Up Speak Out, Yes I Do, Right Here Right Now and Rights, Evidence, Action. The latter two programs are also part of our International Advocacy Program.

get up,
speak out

The Get Up Speak Out program (GUSO) is developed by young people for young people. The program works towards a society where all young people, especially girls and young women, are empowered to realize their SRHR in societies that are positive towards young people’s sexuality. The GUSO program is a collaboration between 6 Dutch/UK organizations; Rutgers (lead organization), CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, dance4life, Simavi, Stop Aids Now! and IPPF and about 30 partner organizations. The program will be implemented in two Asian countries (Indonesia and Pakistan) and in five African countries (Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda), by in-country alliances.


Training with our Indonesian partner ARI for the Get Up Speak Out program.

yes, i do

This program is carried out by the Yes I Do Alliance, consisting out of Plan Netherlands (lead organization), AMREF Netherlands, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Rutgers and the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), together with our partner organizations in Africa and Asia. The program focusses on the prevention of child marriages, teenage pregnancies and female genital mutilation/cutting. The aim of the program is to create a future in which adolescent girls can decide if, when and whom to marry, if, when and with whom to have children and are protected from female genital mutilation/cutting. CHOICE implements this program in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, Indonesia and Pakistan.


Training with our Mozambican partner COALIZÃO for the Yes I Do program.
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our partners

The Talent Youth Association (TaYA) is an indigenous, non-governmental organization that is built upon the premise that youth are the promise of the successful development of Ethiopia. In order to be productive, influential leaders of the future, young women and men need the knowledge and opportunities to be healthy and self-reliant. TaYA provides youth these opportunities to enable themselves and work towards an Ethiopia of promise, gender equality, economic and environmental strength. TaYA promotes the health and well-being of Ethiopia’s youth by eliminating barriers to development and by enabling youth to realize their full potential. TaYA focuses on HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues, while supporting youth employment and leadership within the community. Their main strategies to improve young people’s SRHR are peer-to-peer education, awareness raising and involving young people in international networks, conferences and leadership. TaYA and CHOICE have been partners since 2013 and they are currently working together within the Get Up Speak Out program.

The YP Foundation (TYPF) builds young people’s feminist and rights based leadership on issues of gender, sexuality, governance, health and education. TYPF is based in New Delhi and also runs programs in specific locations in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan. TYPF’s programs are run by young people for adolescents and youth and follow a leadership development approach to enable perspective and skill development to influence programs and policies on the issues of focus in the long term. TYPF’s primary constituents are the volunteers who are inducted annually across programmatic divisions to reach out to the young participants in each program. They play a key role as youth advocates and peer facilitators. 70% of TYPF’s volunteers and program participants are young women who are trained to help them develop a feminist understanding of issues of gender, sexuality, health, governance and education. As youth advocates, TYPF’s volunteers represent the organization at local, national, and international platforms. CHOICE and TYPF were partners under Unite for Body Rights (2014-2015) and became partners again in 2017, working together on the Rights, Evidence, Action program.

The aliansi remaja independen (ARI; independent youth alliance) is an Indonesian organization of young people concerned with youth affairs and human rights. ARI envisages a society in which young people are empowered, equal, independent, responsible, fulfill their rights and participate actively in every aspect of development. They aim to work meaningfully with government agencies, civil societies, youth groups and development partners to ensure that all young people reach their optimum health and complete compulsory education. ARI’s strengths are advocacy and engaging young people meaningfully. They carry out advocacy work at the local, national and international level in the pursuit of equal rights for youth in Indonesia. ARI also aims to celebrate (sexual) diversity of young people through the promotion of the rights of marginalized young people. Members of ARI are, amongst others, young people living with HIV, young sex workers, young men having sex with men, transgender youth, students, activists and young religious leaders. CHOICE and ARI became partners in 2011. Together we work on advocacy skills, internal communication and capacity building strategies. ARI and CHOICE are currently working together within the Get Up Speak Out program, the Yes I Do program and the Right Here Right Now program.

The Kenyan Network of Adolescents and Youth of Africa (NAYA) is a youth-led regional advocacy network. They envisage a society where the reproductive health and rights of adolescent and youths are recognized, provided and respected. To achieve such a society, NAYA aims at enhancing the capacity of youth advocates and civil society organizations to advocate for comprehensive SRHR. They enlist the support of policy makers, opinion leaders, donors, the media, like-minded organizations and individuals in advocating for reforms and implementation of international, national and county policies and legislation to improve the quality and accessibility of SRHR information and services. NAYA and CHOICE have been partners since 2012. We are currently working together within the Get Up Speak Out program, the Yes I Do program and the Right Here Right Now program.

The Queer Alliance Nigeria is a human rights, health advocacy and support group for the LGBTIQ community in Nigeria and our newest partner organization. QA strives towards an enabling environment that respects and recognizes the fundamental human rights of LGBTIQ people in Nigeria. To achieve this Queer Alliance advocates, educates, does research and works on leadership development for LGBTIQ youth and other LGBTIQ organizations. Furthermore, they run a Small youth-friendly clinic with HIV testing and counseling. This clinic is a social enterprise to generate revenue for the organization and provide LGBTIQ youth with opportunities for livelihood and skill development. Queer Alliance and CHOICE started working together in 2017 on the Right Here, Right Now program. 

The Centre of Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (YECE) is a Malawian organization that aims to create “a Malawian society where children and young people are Protected, Healthy and Happy”. YECE focuses exclusively on empowering youth and improving SRHR on a local and national level. With support from CHOICE, YECE focuses on ending child marriage and improving young people’s SRHR. CHOICE and YECE are currently working together within the Get Up Speak Out program and the Yes I Do program.

Associação Coalizão da Juventude Moçambicana (COALIZÃO; youth coalition Mozambican association) is a Mozambican organization. COALIZÃO aim to have young people participative, proactive and knowledgeable of their (sexual and reproductive) rights and duties, committed to improving the quality of life of Mozambican society. CHOICE and COALIZÃO became partners in 2016 and are working together within the Yes I Do program.

Generation Alive (GAL) is a group of vibrant, diverse and young Zambian women activists who work to engage young women in leadership and decision-making. They also build the capacities and political awareness of young feminists in Zambia. GAL aspires to raise a generation of young women who can participate in leadership and decision-making in their personal lives, within their organizations, and at the local and national levels. GAL and CHOICE became partners in 2016 and are working together within the Yes I Do program.

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