These are the pretty faces behind our organization. Find out who they are, what they do and why they keep on advocating for the sexual and reproductive rights of young people worldwide.

"We can make a real difference."

Esther van Duin


"It is amazing to be part of a group of young people who are actively empowering young people."

Marijke Bleeker


"The power to make changes lies with the ‘young’ generation."

Robin Toorneman


"CHOICE was an eye-opener to the world where one fights for equality and tolerance."

Jelena Brodnjak

General Board Member

"We can try to broaden the norms of acceptance."

Timo Bravo Rebolledo

General Board Member

"I enjoy contributing to a group of active and ambitious young people."

Elsemieke de Jong

Executive Director

"We are young, energetic, professional, creative and determined to make a positive change."

Abby Buwalda

Program Coordinator

"I support youth voice and youth choice!"

Alexander Medik

Program Coordinator

"I am a passionate advocate for the SRHR of people worldwide."

Amber van Muijden

Program Coordinator

"I will keep standing up for the SRHR of young people and meaningful youth participation!"

Jannemiek Evelo

Program Coordinator

"Their lack of CHOICE made me value my freedom."

Nathalie Metheuver

Program Coordinator

"I'm very keen to work with youth advocates across the world."

Alexandra Bekker

Advocacy Officer

" I will continue to make noise, demand change and shake up the structures."

Lewis Emmerton

Advocacy Officer

"I believe that young people everywhere should have the same opportunities."

Emmelie Both

Communication and Administration Officer

"We should be empowered and capacitated to be active participants."

Leander van der Linden

Member of CDC

"Young people can make a change and young people have the right to know."

Tessa Smeets

Member of CDC

"CHOICE is an organization that has fostered both my professional as well as personal growth."

Robin Smeets

Member of CDC

"I want to contribute to a more equal world where everyone can freely make well informed choices."

Leroy Smeenk

Member of CDC

"Not everyone has the chance to make their own choices about sexual identity or sexual orientation."

Aukje van de Kuilen

Member of CCC

"Being part of CHOICE is about being a rainbow in somenone’s cloud."

Max Bloem

Member of CCC

"I hope to affect change on a global level alongside my fellow CHOICErs."

Dante Della Gatta

Member of CCC

"I feel privileged to contribute to the SRHR of young people worldwide."

Linda Barry

Member of CCC

"We as young people have a right to participate in the policy decisions which affect our lives."

Alex Vis

Member of CCC

"Very excited to work with CHOICE"

Wallis Grant

Member of IAC

"CHOICE enables the youth to find and raise theirs"

Mayanka Vij

Member of CDC

"Choose your future, choose life, choose CHOICE!"

Ebony Westman

Member of CCC

" I am proud to help CHOICE to promote more meaningful youth participation in the field of SRHR."

Giulia Giacometti

Member of CUC

"I have joined CHOICE to continue my mission of realizing sexual and reproductive rights for all!"

Lotte Dijkstra

Member of CUC

"I can actually start practicing my agency and start making a difference."

Myrte Halman

Member of CUC

"We want to give other youngsters the same CHOICE as most of us have."

Myra Haakman

Member of CUC

"I’ve learned and experienced more than any education could ever give me."

Quirine Lengkeek

Member of IAC

"I am so happy to be part of this organization and work with all these amazing advocates."

Jinte Veldman

Member of IAC

"Young people are tired of standing on the sideline."

Karin van der Velde

Member of IAC

"I made the choice to raise my voice."

Daniel Al-Balushi

Member of IAC

"Youth's issues should be taken as seriously as anyone else's."

Lisa Kruitbosch

Member of MMC

"Sex is one of the most natural activities in life!"

Kate van de Krol

Member of MMC

"Young people are the future and should therefore be taken seriously in policy and decision making."

Anke Verheij

Member of MMC

"To be part of this spirited young team is truly inspiring and rewarding."

Chris van Hoorn

Member of MMC

"I am proud to be a member."

Monty Aal

Member of MMC

"This youth-led organization is exactly what I was looking for."

Robin Jasperse

Youth Advocate

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